Why do only half as many women entrepreneurs write and publish their business book as men?

Maybe for the same reasons that fewer women than men start their own businesses: they have less confidence in their own abilities, are more risk averse, and have to factor in caring responsibilities. They are also taken less seriously by organisations like banks, funders and publishers, and lack role models, mentors and networks.

  • Women-led businesses are 86% less likely to be venture-capital funded than men-led ones
  • Women-run businesses receive only 9% of annual funding into UK start-ups
  • Women-owned businesses win less than 5% of corporate & public sector contracts
  • Women are considered less credible when delivering exactly the same pitch as a man

Serial entrepreneur, publisher and author Lucy McCarraher founded the Business Book Awards (  in 2017. She brought together an eminent Judging Panel of equal male and female business experts, authors and publishers with a female Head Judge. When the rigorous judging process was completed, every category winner and the overall winner of the first Business Book of the Year was a white male author…

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